About Metal Pursuits

You’re interested in starting metal detecting but don’t know where to start?

My mission with Metal Pursuits is to help you with your journey.

Metalpursuits.com is your one-stop portal for everyone who enjoys the metal detecting hobby.

Whether it’s a hobby you have been enjoying for years and want to buy a metal detector for coins, gold prospecting, or relic hunting. Or you are looking to start your journey into the adventurous world of metal detection and searching beginner-friendly, easy to use metal detector. Or you have decided to buy a detector for kids, metalpursuits.com has got you covered.

Metalpursuits.com is the ultimate guide and checklist for a metal detection journey of a lifetime.

Connect and share with other metal detection enthusiasts, improve your metal detection skill, get to choose the best tools for the craft, and enjoy great discoveries every single day.

Why depend on trial and error when you have Metalpursuits.com?

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