1909 Penny

by Chad Eicher

1909 Penny

1909 Wheat Penny History

The 1909 wheat pennies are extremely special. 1909 wheat pennies represent the first year pennies coins were produced. At the time, nationally huge crowds gathered around the banks waiting to get their hands on the much anticipated Lincoln coins. The penny coins replaced Buffalo nickels which were produced between 1859 through 1909.

The Value of 1909 Wheat Penny

A 1909 wheat penny in poor condition is valued at $116. While one in good or great condition is valued at $429

How Many 1909 Wheat Pennies Were Produced?

Around 182,500 were minted.

1909-S VDB

1909 S are rare and the demand for them are high. Even low grade 1909s coins are worth at least $600 to 800 dollars. Many 1909 s coins in great or better condition sell for as much as 1,000.

484,000 of the 1909 SVDB were minted. These coins have a small S below the 1909 date with the initials of VDB on the back side. As the years passed, thousands of these coins were lifted from circulation and many more were saved as mint state coins.

It’s estimated that thousands of 1909-S VDB pennies are in circulation today.


1909S Lincoln penny is a rare coin. Only 1,825,000 were minted.

What is The 1909 S Wheat Penny Worth?

The coin usually sell for $100 in a lower -$200 in a higher grade.

Distinctions in Look?

The 1909 S has a regular S mintmark over an S.

1909 VBD Cent

VBD is the initials for the designer of the Lincoln Wheat Penny. His initials VDB, should be located on the back side of the wheat penny centered below the wheat symbols. Victor David Brenners initials were removed and thus pennies were produced without his initials.

Where 1909 VBD Cents Were Made?

They were produced in Philadelphia.

How Many 1909 VDB Cents Were Made?

Over 27 million were minted.

How Much is The 1909 VDB Penny Worth?

It’s worth from $12 to $25.

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