Garrett ACE 350 Review

by Chad Eicher

Garrett ACE 350 Review

Do you fancy being a treasure hunter but not sure where and how to start your adventure?

The Garrett ACE 350 is the best metal detector for beginners you can get your hands on.

Among the numerous detectors that are available in the market today, this one catches the spotlight for several reasons. It is a really affordable yet quality-built device that comes with a host of features one can benefit from.

UPDATE: The ACE 350 has been discontinued by Garrett and replaced by the newer ACE 400 model.

Garrett ACE 350

If you’re a beginner to metal detecting, you want to buy a machine that doesn’t put a dent in your wallet while giving you all you need for successful treasure hunting.

Garrett ACE 350, with its enhanced iron discrimination, five search modes that include a customizable discrimination setting, and a higher frequency than some of the other entry-level metal detectors, fits the description. It may have only a few bells and whistles, but those who prefer something compact and affordable will love it.

In the following sections, we’ll discuss some of the best features you’ll want to know about while opting for the Garrett ACE 350.

Garrett ACE 350 Best Features

Garrett ACE 350 Features

The Garrett ACE 350 is one of the best metal detectors in the market mainly because of its excellent features that you won’t find anywhere else in the same price range. Let’s take a look at some of its best features.

1. Adjustable Sensitivity

Some people say that Garrett ACE 350 is not a versatile metal detector for various environments; however, there’s a different opinion to be made too. It’s an entry-level device; this is true; however, You shouldn’t compare it to high-end devices that have too ambitious features to be built into them. The one downside of the device is its fixed frequency setting. However, it has an adjustable sensitivity control that works miracles! It allows you to compare and adjust your metal detector to your soil and the discipline you’re working on.

2. Segment-Based Target ID

Unlike many entry-level metal detectors that display a unique target ID for each metal type, the Garrett ACE 350 uses segments to discriminate between different metals. This shows that the detector is well-suited to the market, instead of the detector that is good for recreational users. The ACE 350 metal detector works great for those who have serious hopes of turning a hobby into a business. After all, even entry-level metal detectors can make you some good savings if you’re on a hunt for precious metals.

Garrett ACE 350 Control Box

Power and performance are what strike the visual attention when talking about Garrett ACE 350. What can power and performance bring to you? Decide quickly whether your target is bud or gold nugget, and start digging. Unlike most metal detectors, ACE 350 features a refined target identification system that includes multiple sensitivity levels. The device highlights a black segment under the corresponding symbol to understand the type of the metal, its shape, and the distance. If it’s not the target of your search, you can just move on along the track.

The ground’s orientation may affect the reading of the metal’s size, but it is accurate in most cases. For example, the detector may indicate a quarter nearby, whereas the object is just an aluminum bottle cap.

3. Enhanced Iron Resolution

This is where the Garrett ACE 350 outperforms all of its predecessors. It has more iron detection segments than its forerunners. This helps you effectively eliminate unwanted targets and focus on what you’re looking for. If you’re hunting bigger and deeper targets, this machine makes for a good companion for your treasure hunting.

4. Search Modes

This feature makes Garrett ACE 350 as one of the best competition in the entry-level category and helps it stand out from its competitors by a fair distance. Discrimination patterns or search modes are useful when you limit your search to only a few types of targets, such as relics, coins, jewelry, and other similar objects. The Garrett ACE 350 has five search modes, including jewelry, coins, relics, custom objects, and zero.

It automatically removes other metals if they do not fall into these categories. If the detector does not detect any of the above metals, it will not emit an audio signal. For example, if you want to search for coins only, it will send an audio signal if there are 5, 10, and 15 cent coins. Simply activate the search mode for the metal of your choice and continue the search.

Garrett ACE 350 Additional Features

Here are some of the additional features that this metal detector offers:

  1. The electronic pinpointing mode shows the precise location of your target.
  2. 3 Audio Tone ID Levels, such as low, medium, and high for additional target ID.
  3. Depth indicator that gives you a rough idea of how deep you need to dig.

Garrett ACE 350 Design

The Garrett ACE 350 looks similar to its predecessors, the ACE 300 and the ACE 250. It has retained the black and yellow color combination, a trademark of Garrett metal detectors. If you love sleek metal detectors, then you should get this one. It looks outright stylish like its older models.

Garrett ACE 350 Design

The display is also similar to its previous models. There is, however, a slight difference in the space occupied by iron resolution and gold area. Both these areas take up a bit more space than its predecessors. This is because of the double D (DD) search coil and higher frequency that this model offers. It helps the detector pick up targets faster than before. The display contains a battery level indicator, detecting mode, sensitivity indicator, target ID, and coin depth indicator.

Garrett ACE 350 Display

Another area where the Garrett ACE 350 has improved significantly is its depth detection meter. Usually, it only displays up to 8″. But depending on the ground conditions and target size, it can detect depths up to 11″. The only drawback that you may point out is the absence of an adjustable ground balance. This feature, however, is usually not available in most entry-level metal detectors. It comes with a default ground balance setting that you can’t change.

Also, this metal detector is not waterproof. It may not work well on wet sand or saltwater conditions. Therefore, it is best to use it on dry sand or any place that has nothing to do with water. Don’t go into a lake with this metal detector expecting to find nickels and quarters only to destroy the device completely.

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Garrett ACE 350 FAQs

1. Is the Garrett Ace 350 waterproof?

Unfortunately, Garrett Ace 350 is not waterproof. It is, however, water-resistant.

2. Is the Garrett Ace 350 good for saltwater?

No, the Garrett Ace 350 is not good for saltwater. It lacks built-in waterproof protection, and as such, it cannot be used for saltwater.

3. Can the Garrett Ace 350 detect gold?

Yes, the Garrett Ace 350 can detect gold, which makes it a viable choice for every treasure hunter.

4. How deep can the Garrett Ace 350 detect?

Garrett Ace 350 can detect up to 11″ deep.


The Garrett ACE 350 is an exceptional metal detector that you should rank high on your list if you’re not ready to invest in an expensive or high-end detector. If you have a hobby of collecting metals and minerals, then this device should fit your needs.

It works excellently on dry surfaces and comes with advanced features that most entry-level metal detectors don’t provide. Kids will find it very useful if they’re into this hobby as well. While it is slightly heavy, it’s a small price to pay in exchange for outstanding build quality, giving you peace of mind knowing that this device will last for years. [amazon link=”B00I166IQ0″ title=”Click here”] to check Garrett ACE 350 out.

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