Fisher F75 Review

by Chad Eicher

Fisher F75 Review

Welcome to the ultimate Fisher F75 review.

The Fisher F75 could be considered a perfect metal detector for jewelry, coins, and relics, and significantly so because of its accuracy and sensitivity.

It offers the greatest detection depth and is excellent for expertly locating various kinds of treasures, including gold, coins, and silvers.

If you want to know…

  • What features make Fisher F75 unique
  • Detailed information about its design and performance
  • All the specifications and box contents of this metal detector
  • Where the Fisher F75 metal detector falls short
  • The answers to the most common questions

Then you’re in the right place.

So, let’s get right into it!

The Best Metal Detector?

We’re on a mission to review all the best metal detectors, based on our extensive research plus reviews from real users.

Fisher F75 is a solid metal detector, but not the best one we’ve seen…

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While newbies may find it challenging to manage the settings for optimum use at the beginning, they eventually get the hang of it with continuous usage. If you are a beginner at metal detecting, we would highly advise you to check our guide on choosing the best metal detector for beginners.

The Fisher F75 metal detector is in three configurations: Fisher F75, Fisher F75 Plus, and Fisher F75 LTD (Special Limited Edition).

The F75 unique features among its counterparts include the Fisher F-Pulse Pinpointer, 11″ DD Bi-axial Search Coil, Depth Boost feature, 12″ Carbon Steel Digging Tool is also the most affordable of the series.

The Fisher 75 is a lightweight device designed for comfort and efficiency and operates via VLF technology.

It has an adjustable length and features superfine specs such as target pinpointing with variable audio pitch, target ID displayed on a large LCD screen, double-filter discrimination modes for searching areas occupied with varying non-distinct items, such as trash ground.

It also features a backlight for better visibility in low-light hunting conditions.

Fisher F75

Because of its long battery life as high as 40 hours – power derived from its 4 AA battery – you can hunt for as long as possible without fear of running out of juice.

Of course, it is waterproof. I dare say that any so-called metal detector machine that isn’t waterproof shouldn’t even be considered for purchase. Wet terrains are considered one of the most rewarding sites for treasure hunting.

However, the F75 is only waterproof up to its control box – its search coil and rods are fully submersible.

The Fisher F75 is highly recommended for diverse metal detecting, including beach hunting, relic hunting, coin shooting, gold prospecting.

The F75 makes your hunting comfortable because of its balanced weight distribution, featuring armrest position and foam-covered grip.

Although none of these comfort-providing features are unique or groundbreaking, they sure make the detector easy to use for a long period.

The Fisher F75 metal detector does not come with headphones, but you can buy a set separately. The device has a standard ¼ inch jack slot into which you can attach any headphones with a stereo plug.

We have reviewed the best headphones for metal detecting. You can read it here.

Fisher F75 Specification

Some of the basic information you need for a personal review of the Fisher F75 to decide how well it suits your need is thus highlighted:

  • Auto/Manual Ground Balance
  • Operating Mode: All Metal
  • Digital Shielding Technology
  • Frequency: 13 kHz
  • Sensitivity adjustment: Yes
  • Circuitry Type: VLF
  • Search Coil Type: Double D
  • Number of Tone Settings: 4
  • Waterproof: Yes (up to 10 feet/3 m)
  • Batteries: 4 AA
  • Battery Life: 40-40 Hours
  • Warranty: 2 Years

The Fisher F75 comes in a kit that includes the following standard factory items:

  • 4 AA Batteries
  • 5″ Search Coil
  • 11″ Search Coil
  • Fisher Elbow Assembly Rain Cover
  • Fisher F75 Control Housing Rain Cover
  • Trial Subscription to Lost Treasure Magazine
  • Warranty certificate
  • User’s Manual

Fisher F75 Features and Benefits

Take a quick moment to view some of the fantastic features of the Fisher F75 that makes it one of the suitable detectors for your treasure hunting:

1. Search Modes

Fisher F75 control panel

The Fisher F75 features three search modes, namely:

  1. Discrimination: Just as the name implies, in this case, it discriminates against trash, such as foil, pull-tabs, or nails. It’s the best mode for picking out items from the trash. While it may not be as sensitive as all-metal mode, it’s a motion mode suitable for hunting in trash areas.
  2. Motion All Metal: This mode provides better depth than the discrimination mode, and it is the most sensitive mode of all three search modes. As the name implies, the search coil must be in motion for detection to occur.
  3. Static All Metal: This search mode is perfect for locating larger items at greater depth. You can pick items larger than a coin at a depth greater than 12 feet with this mode. Also, as the name implies, the search coil does not have to be in motion to detect a target.

The all-metal search mode allows for adjustability in audio pitch settings, ground balance, and sensitivity tweaking. Nevertheless, the static mode does not feature a signal strength threshold, which is available in the motion mode.

In discrimination mode, you are allowed to adjust the sensitivity, process number, notch, number of tones, and discrimination level. It is noteworthy that you’re allowed to adjust the manual ground balance in the all-metal mode, but the setting does not reset if you switch to discrimination mode.

2. Operating Frequency

The F75 is not the metal detector with the highest operating frequency on the market; it’s lower than the Garrett AT Pro with a 15 kHz operating frequency (read our Garrett AT Pro review).

Nevertheless, the 13 kHz frequency at which the F75 operates is optimum for this reason: a detector operating at a higher frequency provides excellent sensitivity for small items but at the expense of depth; that is, operating frequency is inversely proportional to detection depth. Hence, at 13 kHz, the F75 can still detect items a detector with lower frequency will miss without sacrificing too much depth.

This operating frequency level makes the F75 an excellent choice for jewelry, coins, and relics. The F75 is also okay for gold prospecting, but the frequency is not high enough for small gold nuggets. If you need a metal detector specifically for gold hunting, see our list of the best gold metal detectors.

3. Manual and Automatic Ground Balance

Fisher F75 controls

One of the features a professional–standard detector boasts of is the availability of both manual and automatic ground balancing. This feature becomes vital when you hunt areas with different soil conductivity or mineralization or even saltwater. By adjusting this balance, you cut down on interference and chatter while maximizing depth.

Generally, the automatic ground balance calibrates excellently to each current ground condition you choose to hunt, but it becomes challenging in saltwater or gold hunting; hence, the place of manual ground balance. However, it takes practice to get the hang of the setting. It would yet be overreaching to say the device is suitable for gold prospecting.

Nevertheless, the Fisher F75 is a highly sensitive metal detector model that does an excellent job for most terrains. It features a wide range of adjustability settings to perform exceptionally at great depth with little falsing.

4. Digital Shielding Technology (DST)

There are special terrains with electromagnetic interferences when you hunt with a metal detector, making it challenging to pick up signals for specific items. The DST is a shielding technology that highly performs detection in such high EMI terrains by suppressing the interferences.

Let’s see how it works: as earlier opined, the F75 is highly sensitive. It finds its way through the interferences without compromising its search by engaging its full sensitivity feature coupled with maximum depth detection and zero background noise.

Also, the F75 features a frequency shift (available from F1 to F4) which helps it to eliminate or, at best, minimizes the interfering chatter. But if you are worried about your detector’s performance while it operates on this feature, there is the option of switching it off.

5. FeTone Volume Feature

Audio tones are a significant issue for any treasure hunter. Many models of metal detectors on the market have done brilliantly with diverse innovations to make hunting easier and more productive for hunters, and the Fisher F75 is not an exception.

Amongst its counterparts, the manufacturers of the F75 series have added new tone options to the F75; one of the available tones which may hold significant value for treasure hunters is the FeTone. The FeTone has three settings with two tones (high and low) each: 2F, 2H, and 2L.

Why is the FeTone exceptional? Say you want to hear tones on all targets, including iron, for instance, but you don’t want to hear it on the same volume of tones for non-ferrous targets, the FeTone’s ability to give a sounding off tone at a low volume in the background will do just that.

6. Other Features

Other features include:

  • Trigger Pinpointing Mode: this helps you to figure out the exact location of a target before you start digging, and it does not require motion to work.
  • Waterproof design: the F75 is submersible up to its control box
  • Mineralization Graph: you will find the Fe3O4 graph useful because it shows the current mineralization factor of the soil in your hunting ground
  • Tones: the F75 features four ranges of tone. You can set the number of tones you need depending on target conductivity.
  • Sensitivity: the F75 is highly sensitive, and its sensitivity can be adjusted with ground conditions. It is noteworthy that with higher sensitivities comes greater depth detection but would be prone to chatter from mineralization.

➜ Do you like the F75? It goes great with Fisher’s F-Pulse pinpointer.

Fisher F75 Pros and Cons

  • Digital Shielding Technology
  • Backlight for better visibility
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • All-terrain performance
  • Waterproof
  • Magnetic Mineralization Bar Graph
  • Adjustable length
  • Pinpointing
  • Fast recovery speed
  • Lightweight
  • 15 feet deep functionality
  • 5 years warranty
  • A bit noisy
  • Steep learning curve
  • Unimpressive factory kit

Fisher F75 FAQs

1. Is the Fisher F75 waterproof?

Yes, the Fisher F75 metal detector is waterproof. You can dip the device in water but only up to its control box. While its search coil and rods are fully waterproof, the unit’s control box is not submersible.

2. Is the Fisher F75 good for saltwater?

A saltwater terrain/beach is considered one of the most rewarding hunting sites for treasures yet, the most challenging for effective metal detecting. The Fisher F75 is great for wet terrain but may not be excellent for saltwater; however, you can use it just fine with manual ground balance.

3. Can the Fisher F75 detect gold?

One of the common questions on the mind of treasure hunters, when they have a metal detector in hand, is if it can detect gold? The Fisher F75 operates at a frequency of 13 kHz, which is quite sensitive to gold nuggets (and coins and jewelry). This detection is irrespective of location. The F75 is designed with an 11-inch elliptical Bi-Axial search Coil for an impressive detection in mineralized soils even at significant depth.

4. How deep can the Fisher F75 detect?

Depth detection depends on the target’s size with this device; that is, it detects deeper with an increase in the size of the target. Nevertheless, the Fisher F75 is generally exceptional for maximum detection depth, and its All-Metal search mode detects the deepest up to 15 inches. Now, it’s unlikely that you come across that sort of depth on your hunt, but this is to show how sensitive the device is; hence, a 10-inches depth is more realistic.


There is no restriction with the Fisher F75 metal detector; it’s brilliant in detecting coins, relics, and jewelry (we have a rating of the best metal detectors for coins and jewelry, check it out).

While it may require some tweaking here and there, it is perfect for all terrains. For instance, tweaking the ground balance feature helps you to use it on wet sands, although with the sacrifice of depth in a considerable measure.

You should agree that for one detector, the Fisher F75 is a jack of all trades. It is quite impressive when you consider the number of features designed into one single detector.

The manufacturers were also kind enough to give room for the adjustment that suits the user’s needs. For a start, you may find it challenging to use but rest assured, with patience and practice, you will optimally make use of it.

The Fisher F75 comes with a kit that contains a detailed user manual. You should take advantage of the manual as it contains well-explained details of its features and instructions on how to use it.

How expensive is this detector? The Fisher F75 may be lacking in included factory accessories, but one may argue that the metal detector’s performance is worth the investment. Nevertheless, it’s not too pricey, nor would you have to break the bank.

Fisher F75 Alternatives

I’m on a mission to review all the top metal detectors.

Here’s my progress so far:

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