Best Garrett Metal Detectors

by Chad Eicher

What is the best Garrett metal detector?

Today you’re going to learn which are the best Garrett metal detectors, so you don’t waste great amounts of time and money on the crappy ones.

As one of the biggest names in the business, Garrett Metal Detectors has a lot to offer seasoned hobbyists and newbies alike. This brand has a prolific line of devices that are continually ranked as some of the best.

Despite the company’s popularity, there’s a lot more to consider when you’re choosing a metal detector than just the brand name alone.

Garrett detectors are available in a variety of features and price points.

To ensure that you’re getting something that meets your needs, you must take a look at what makes a detector good and how it can serve your needs. Refer our comparison guide below to see how the best Garrett metal detectors stack up.

Top 5 Garret Metal Detectors 2023

1. Garrett ACE 400 – Best Garrett Metal Detector
2. Garrett AT PRO with Pro-Pointer – Best for Finding Difficult Objects
3. Garrett ACE 300 – Best Metal Detector for Shoreline Searching
4. Garrett AT MAX – Most Feature-Rich
5. Garrett ACE 200 – Best Budget Friendly Metal Detector

Below is a list of the best Garrett metal detectors.

1. Garrett ACE 400 – Best Garrett Metal Detector

Garrett ACE 400

The Ace 400 is an excellent all-around metal detector that’s versatile enough to be used anywhere. It’s a solidly built device that’s brightly colored for visibility. Despite its durability, the detector is lightweight enough for beginners and young prospectors to use.

When it comes to performance, Garrett ACE 400 detector doesn’t disappoint. It has a fully adjustable frequency. Instead of being limited to one frequency setting or a couple of preselected options, you can adjust it how you see fit. This will help you overcome ground mineralization issues and make honing in on your target much easier.

All in all, this is a high-quality detector that can serve you well in most environments. It’s capable enough to find most objects without any issues.

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  • Iron discrimination
  • Digital screen with Target ID
  • Built-in pinpointing feature
  • Fully adjustable frequency
  • Weighs less than 3 pounds
  • Comes with several accessories
  • Submersible coil
  • Can be complicated for inexperienced users
  • No automatic ground balance

2. Garrett AT PRO with Pro-Pointer – Best for Finding Difficult Objects

Garrett AT PRO

If you’re having trouble finding items in the soil, the AT PRO may be the metal detector for you. From a design standpoint, it’s obvious that this detector is made for tougher jobs. The coil is considerably larger than most models. Not only that, but the LCD control box has several indicators to help you pinpoint objects with ease.

The most interesting part of this detector is Pro Mode audio. This feature is engineered to improve the audible alerts you get as you search. Rather than a simple beep, you’ll hear a complex tone roll. Subtle variations in pitch can help you better gauge an object’s size, depth, and shape. It’s like feeling the object through sound.

When paired with the automatic ground balance feature and integrated pinpointer, the AT PRO is perfect for finding small metal items like coins and jewelry in less-than-stellar conditions, making it the best Garrett metal detector for coins.

➜ You can find our detailed review of the Garrett AT Pro here.

  • Waterproof up to 10 feet
  • Pro Mode audio
  • Iron discrimination
  • Automatic ground balance
  • Built-in pinpointer
  • Intuitive control box
  • Included headphones can’t be used underwater
  • Frequency range isn’t as high as other options

3. Garrett ACE 300 – Best Garrett Detector for Shoreline Searching

Garrett ACE 300

Like all of the products from this brand, the ACE 300 metal detector is well-built. It features the same durable build and user-friendly control box that other models have.

This Garrett metal detector does a fantastic job at tough locations such as beaches, rivers, and shores. The large search coil is waterproof and can be submerged to find items in muddy environments. While the control panel isn’t water-resistant, it does have some features to help you overcome the challenges of shoreline searching. This includes a powerful discrimination system, frequency adjustments, and multiple sensitivity settings.

The only downside of Garrett Ace 300 is the lower frequency range. The highest frequency you can go to is 8 kHz, which is significantly lower than some other Garrett models. This can prove to be an issue if you’re after small objects or those with low conductivity levels.

Despite its shortcomings, we still recommend this detector. The ACE line, as a whole, offers great flexibility. This detector is easy to use and performs well in wet environments.

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  • Waterproof search coil
  • Adjustable frequency settings
  • Precise discrimination features
  • Multiple search modes
  • Depth indicator and conductivity meter
  • No volume controls
  • Lower Frequency range

4. Garrett AT MAX – Most Feature-Rich

Garrett AT Max

Next on our list of the best Garrett detectors is AT MAX. But don’t let the higher price tag of the AT MAX scare you off.

This is a feature-rich detector with all the bells and whistles you could ever need to solve prospecting issues you’re experiencing. The control panel features tons of adjustable settings to improve your chances of success regardless of the environment you’re working in.

You can go anywhere with this detector. The entire thing is waterproof up to 10 feet. Thanks to the included wireless headphones, you can search in deeper waters untethered. This unit is rated for both fresh and saltwater, making it the best Garrett metal detector for beach hunting.

The iron audio feature, full frequency adjustments, and automatic ground balance system ensure that you’re able to ignore things you don’t want to pick up and focus on treasures hiding below the soil.

Ultimately, the AT MAX can do it all. It’s an incredibly versatile detector that’s capable of helping you uncover the most difficult metals.

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  • Waterproof up to 10 feet
  • Search modes for freshwater and saltwater
  • Adjustable frequency settings up to 13.5 kHz
  • Comes with wireless headphones
  • 8 sensitivity and depth settings
  • Automatic ground balance
  • Iron audio
  • Higher price tag
  • May be harder to set up for less experienced users

5. Garrett ACE 200 – Best Budget Friendly Metal Detector

Garrett ACE 200

Whether you’re looking for a no-frills detector or a device that’s easy enough for kids to use, the ACE 200 is a good option. This is one of Garrett’s most affordable detectors. However, it’s still built to high standards the brand is known for.

The control panel is very informative and user-friendly, making it the best Garrett detector for beginners. While it doesn’t have a ton of adjustable settings like some other models, it covers the basics.

The Garrett ACE 200 is designed for young prospectors and newbies. Instead of fiddling with adjustments to fine-tune the experience, you can start using the detector with a single button push. There are limited frequency and density options to choose from, making the detector much more accessible to those without a ton of experience.

With its affordable price and decent performance features, this detector has a lot to offer those who only need the basics.

➜ You can check our detailed Garrett ACE 200 review here.

  • Easy to use
  • Depth indicator and Target ID system
  • Built-in notch discrimination
  • Waterproof coil
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with headphones
  • Limited sensitivity adjustments
  • Discrimination features are fixed
  • Lower frequency range

About Garrett Brand

Garrett logo

Garrett Metal Detectors was officially founded in 1964. However, the idea and inspiration for the company occurred several years earlier. It all started with Charles Garrett, who served as an Electrical Mate in the Navy during the Korean War. Garrett continued to learn about electronics during his time in the Navy, which eventually lead to a formal electrical engineering degree at Lamar University.

Garrett created his first metal detector in 1963 after being unsatisfied with the performance he got out of a machine he rented. A year later, Garrett Metal Detectors was founded by Charles Garrett and his wife, Eleanor Garrett. The rest is history.

Since that first prototype was created, the company has continually evolved and developed new technologies to bring to the masses. Even after Charles Garrett’s passing in 2015, the brand has continued to be a leading innovator in this industry.

Today, Garrett Metal Detectors offers a wide range of products for both hobbyists and professionals. In addition to the brand’s line of consumer detectors, it’s a trusted manufacturer of products used by security professionals and military personnel alike.

Garrett Metal Detectors is currently based in Garland, Texas.

What Makes Garret Metal Detectors So Great?

There are several reasons why Garrett is the go-to brand for so many metal detecting enthusiasts. The company has developed some of the finest products around. Many of the brand’s devices are packed with useful features that can improve your prospects as you hunt. Here are some of the most notable.

1. Advanced Detection Technology

Garrett utilizes a couple of different technologies in its metal detectors. The first is VLF, or Very Low Frequency, detection. This design was used in the very first device Garrett introduced on the market. It continues to offer impressive results in the field.

Basically, VLF detectors utilize two separate search coils. One is responsible for transmitting electromagnetic waves. When a metal object reflects an eddy current, the second coil will receive the signal to let you know of the object’s presence. This technology is very accurate and is used on most of Garrett’s products.

However, pulse induction detectors are available as well. Pulse induction technology uses only a single coil. It also transmits an electromagnetic signal. However, the detector relies on a reflected pulse to find objects. Pulse induction is highly sensitive and is great for finding objects that VLF detectors miss.

2. All-Terrain Hunting

If you’re looking for a metal detector that can be used in tough terrains, you’re bound to find one from Garrett. The company offers several models that are purpose-built for prospecting in areas that other devices can’t go.

For example, you can find equipment with waterproof coils. These coils can be submerged several inches below the surface of the water to find treasures at the beach. Need even more flexibility with water? Garrett has fully submersible detectors. They’re completely protected and waterproof, allowing you to go on deep dives and find items up to 200 feet below.

3. Flexible Performance

One of the great things about Garrett metal detectors is that they’re built for serious prospectors. While you can easily find basic metals with these devices, they’re fully capable of finding long-lost items in the most difficult environments.

Many of the metal detectors offered by Garrett are equipped with flexible performance features like automatic ground balance, notch discrimination, adjustable operating frequencies, and more. These features can overcome common environmental factors while ignoring junk metals you don’t want to waste your time on.

Ultimately, Garrett Metal Detectors are built to improve your efficiency no matter where you are. With a few simple adjustments, you can fine-tune these devices to work for you instead of against you.

4. Generous Warranty Policy

To give you peace of mind, Garrett offers a nice warranty policy with the purchase of a metal detector. Most of the brand’s models come with a limited 24-month warranty. You can register your device directly on the website. If the equipment encounters performance issues, you may be able to get repair work or replacement devices free of charge.

5. ISO 9001 Certification

One of the reasons why Garrett is so respected in this industry is because the company has a reputation for superior quality standards. All of the products are made in Texas and go through a strict quality control process.

The company is ISO 9001 certified. Basically, this means that the manufacturing, design, and distribution process is heavily controlled to ensure that products are built to the standards you deserve. The company goes through ISO 9001 audits regularly to maintain this certification and continue providing detectors that are built to last.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a Garrett Metal Detector Find Gold?

Metal detectors from Garrett are perfectly capable of finding gold. Though your results will vary based on the model you choose. The pulse induction models and those with higher sensitivity settings will do best to find the precious metal.

This one would be our top choice.

2. Are Garrett Metal Detectors Waterproof?

This varies from model to model. Some of the detectors feature a waterproof coil. You can submerge the search coil but have to keep the control panel above the surface. That said, Garrett does offer fully submersible units. Most can be submerged up to 10 feet. The most capable option of all can go up to 200 feet below the surface of the water.

3. Where Are Garrett Metal Detectors Made?

Every single one of Garrett’s products is made in the company’s manufacturing facility, which is located in Garland, Texas.

4. How Deep Does a Garrett Metal Detector Go?

This all depends on the model, sensitivity rating, and the size of the object. Typically, larger objects can be picked up by metal detectors relatively easy even if they’re buried several feet into the ground. For a standard quarter-sized piece of metal, most Garrett detectors can sense the object when it’s 8 to 10 inches below.


It’s not hard to see why Garrett is such a beloved brand in the metal detecting world. The products this brand produces are filled with some of the most innovative technologies around. Many of the company’s competitors just don’t compare.

Every metal detector made available to the masses has been a labor of love for Garrett. The brand continues to push the limits and come up with innovations that bring this hobby to new heights. We’re excited to see what Garrett comes up with next!

Give one of our recommended Garrett metal detectors a shot for your next treasure hunting adventure. Thanks to the impressive warranty policy and Garrett’s high standards of quality, you have nothing to lose!

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