Bounty Hunter Quick Silver Review

by Chad Eicher

Bounty Hunter Quick Silver Review

Need a metal detector that is highly accurate, easy to use, lightweight, and beginner-friendly?

All that and more are wrapped up in one powerhouse that is the Bounty Hunter Quick Silver metal detector.

The Bounty Hunter Quick Silver metal detector is equipped with amazing features that make it superior to other metal detectors on the market.

It can detect gold and other metals, which makes it perfect for various forms of hunting.

This comprehensive review covers everything you need to know about the Bounty Hunter metal detector – from the features to the design, performance, how to use, and even the pros and cons.

The unique and incredible features of the Quick Silver metal detector have earned this machine its rightful position as one of the best on the market.

Its impeccable accuracy, beginner friendliness, etc., among other features, guarantee its efficiency.

The design of the metal detector makes it easy to handle and operate.

This machine has taken the market by storm and has set a high, unbeatable standard of quality for other metal detectors available.

Bounty Hunter QSI Quick Silver Metal Detector

Bounty Hunter Quick Silver Features and Benefits

Bounty Hunter Quick Silver Features and Benefits

1. Easy to view display screen

The Bounty Hunter Quick Silver metal detector has an easy-to-view LCD screen.

For those who don’t know, LCD is short for liquid crystal display, which is simply a flat display screen. Thus, the Bounty Hunter LCD can be viewed easily, even from a reasonable distance.

Bounty Hunter Quick Silver Control Box

This means that you don’t have to strain your eyes or get your reading glasses because everything on the display screen is easy to see.

This “easy to view LCD” is long-lasting and energy-efficient, which translates to its longevity.

2. Ground Balance

This particular feature of the Bounty Hunter is especially useful in mineralized areas.

A ground balance increases the depth of detection by removing the unnecessary ground signals so that the original target signals are easily identified.

In summary, it gets rid of false signals or false alarms, so only credible signals from targets are transmitted.

The Bounty Hunter metal detector is equipped with not just any type of ground balance but an automatic ground balance.

The automatic ground balance, as its name implies, does all the work for you.

It makes it easier to use since you don’t have to adjust the ground balance in every new position manually.

The best part is that it is even more accurate than the manual ground balance.

3. Discrimination Control

The discrimination feature acts as a filter to exclude a particular type of target from the hunt.

It is also very useful in weeding out false signals.

With a single push of this button, you activate the discrimination mode, which saves you from digging out irrelevant or invaluable items.

4. One-touch sensitivity

You know that feeling of anger and frustration that boils inside you when you have to tap your input a million times before your device responds?

Well, you can’t relate when you make use of the Bounty Hunter Quick Silver metal detector.

This specific feature guarantees a fast response in registering input once the touch of your finger is detected.

All you need is just one touch, and your input is registered.

5. Digital target identification

This feature, you can call: “The treasure Identification Feature.”

Basically, target identification alerts you on what you’ve found (the exact type of metal) through the target identification indicator.

The numbers and bars displayed on the LCD help you identify what kind of metal the particular target is.

However, the Bounty Hunters’ target identification is more detailed than that of many other metal detectors.

This metal detector has a 4-segment digital target identification which provides more detailed information on the type of metal being transmitted.

This makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for and avoid wasting time digging out the wrong treasure.

Before you spend time and energy digging to find a target, you already have an idea of what it is most likely to be, and that is all thanks to this wonderful feature.

It also makes it possible to search for more than one target at a time.

6. Audio identification

This feature announces with a characteristic sound when you’ve found a treasure or target.

Different metal detectors have different sounds for each type of metal.

The Bounty Hunter Quick Silver has a wide range of 3 different tones for different kinds of metal.

These tones have varying pitches, so they are easy to identify and differentiate.

This makes it easier to find the targets since peculiar tones are attached to each kind of target.

Sometimes, there could be some mid-tones that sound very similar but are deceiving, especially for beginners.

This, however, is not a significant issue because users get accustomed to the different tones over time with frequent use.

7. Depth Indicator

You don’t get to see the exact depth, but you have an average value of how deep the target is.

This makes it easy for you to access your resources and gives you a rough idea of how far you need to dig.

Bounty Hunter Quick Silver Design and Appearance

Bounty Hunter Quick Silver Design and Appearance

The Bounty Hunter Quick Silver is lightweight, so it is easy to carry for a long time and distance without getting tired.

The adjustable length of the metal detector makes it easy to use for different categories of people, including kids.

The simplicity of this metal detector also makes it easy for kids to learn and understand how it operates.

It is endowed with an 8″ search coil that is waterproof.

Bounty Hunter Quick Silver Search Coil

The Quick Silver metal detector is powered by not just one but two 9V alkaline batteries. These batteries have a high energy density and last longer than other batteries.

These alkaline batteries have an extra power formula, so they last for a longer time.

This device is detachable and can be reassembled when needed.

It has a hand rest directly above the screen, which makes it more comfortable to use.

It also comes with a carry bag.

Bounty Hunter Quick Silver Performance

Bounty Hunter QSI Quick Silver

The Bounty Hunter Quick Silver comes with easy-to-follow, step-by-step pre-configured settings.

The easy-to-view LCD makes it easy to spot changes on the display screen.

The automatic ground balance makes it easy to find targets by increasing the detection depth and reducing the number of false alarms from fake targets, especially in mineralized areas.

Fast response to input is guaranteed due to the one-touch sensitivity control of the display screen.

The Bounty Hunter detector can be used for a long period because of the two 9V alkaline batteries that power the device.

The 4 segment target identification gives this machine a wide range of detection.

This enables it to detect even gold and some other metals. You can check our guide on gold metal detectors (on this page) that has a list of top 5 gold metal detectors available on the market today.

The 3-tone audio identification is a perfect complement for the 4-segment target identification feature.

It announces with the varying pitch of sound for different targets.

Its discrimination control feature makes it easy to filter out trash signals.

How to Use the Bounty Hunter Quick Silver

The Bounty Hunter Quick Silver is beginner-friendly and fairly easy to use, but the features can be overwhelming, especially for a newbie. That is why we advise to read our guide about beginner metal detectors if you need a simpler model.

This is why this guide on how to use the bounty hunter metal detector is an important part of this article you should pay attention to.

The first thing to do is to make sure your device is assembled correctly.

You can consult the manual for the proper way to assemble the machine if you’re doing it yourself.

Adjust the length to one suitable and comfortable for you.

Ensure you’re holding the detector such that the display screen faces you directly so you can easily read the indications on the screen.

Move the waterproof metal coil around on surfaces where you’re searching for treasure.

Remember to note that you can only use the coil in shallow waters.

The metal detector makes sounds to indicate when a target has been found. It also indicates the average depth and the possible type of target.

You can read all this information on the LCD screen.

Using a shovel, dig into the exact spot of indication to find your treasure.

You can also activate the discrimination feature by pushing the on-push discrimination button.

To make your hunt easier and more fun, you could get a treasure box or bag where you can keep your collectibles.

This bag/box should be easy to carry as you move around searching for treasure.

Things to Consider Before Purchasing the Bounty Hunter Quick Silver

1. The age range of the detectorist

The Bounty Hunter Quick Silver is one of the very limited types of metal detectors suitable for any age and size.

This is because of its adjustable length and its easy-to-understand simple design.

2. Main features of the detector

Each type of metal detector has its peculiar features.

Consider what kind of metal detectors you need at that particular moment and compare your needs with the features.

This will help you decide whether to purchase the Bounty Hunter or go for something else.

3. Price

Sometimes, you might strictly want to work with a budget. This will definitely affect the type of metal detector you purchase.

Analyze your budget and see if you can afford the metal detector or you have to go for something cheaper.

4. Terrain or environment where the metal detector will be used

The Bounty Hunter Quick Silver cannot be used in highly waterlogged areas because it is not fully waterproof.

It only has a waterproof coil which enables it to work in shallow waters.

Deepwater can damage the detector. If you need to search underwater, choose the model designed for such a task. We have a detailed guide about underwater metal detectors, check it out here.

Bounty Hunter Quick Silver Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Adjustable length
  • 3-tone audio identification
  • Easy to view LCD
  • Fairly long battery life
  • Interchangeable waterproof coil
  • Easy to use
  • Preset ground balance
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • 4-segment digital target identification
  • Suitable for kids


  • Not waterproof

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Bounty Hunter Quick Silver waterproof?

While the Bounty Hunter control box is not waterproof, it does have an 8″ interchangeable waterproof coil which makes up for that.

This means you can use it in shallow waters, but you’re not allowed to submerge it in any kind of water fully.

2. Is the Bounty Hunter Quick Silver good for saltwater?

Salt is a mineral compound present in saltwater.

The Bounty Hunter Quick Silver metal detector can detect targets even in saltwater.

This is because of its ground balance which filters out false signals so that only credible signals from targets are transmitted.

3. Can the Bounty Hunter Quick Silver detect gold?

Yes. The Bounty Hunter Quick Silver has a 4-segment target identification feature, which makes it possible to detect gold as well as other metals.

4. How deep can the Bounty Hunter Quick Silver detect?

The Bounty Hunter Quick Silver always indicates an approximate range of the depth of the target.

This device can detect targets buried about 3-5 inches inside mild soil.

Wrap up

Very few metal detectors come close or stand a chance against the Bounty Hunter Quick Silver metal detector. It is user & beginner-friendly, and even easy to use. Its amazing features make the Bounty Hunter an invaluable treasure hunting tool. At the same time, these features might be overwhelming for a newbie.

If you’re a beginner, take your time to fully understand and decode the device through constant practice. Only then can you unlock the fool potential of this tool.

The most interesting part about this metal detector is that it can also be used by kids because of the adjustable length and its simple design.

If you’re looking for an affordable metal detector that can be used on almost any terrain, I highly recommend the Bounty Hunter Quick Silver metal detector. Its high level of accuracy, along with its striking features, make it one of the best on the market.

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