Garrett GTI 2500 Review

by Chad Eicher

Garrett GTI 2500 Review

This is the definitive Garrett GTI 2500 review.

No innovation comes to light of day without tons of underneath research upholding its platform, and the Garrett’s GTI 2500 metal detector is not an exception.

However, the difference here with the GTI 2500 is the twenty-five years of research and innovation poured into the device.

The outcome of such intensive research is evident in all the new features you’ll find in this detector. For example, its unmatched graphic identification readout of detected items buried deep into the earth, a design made possible by the innovative on-board DSP (Digital Signal Processing) chip. This means that you get an absolute idea of what’s beneath the ground before digging.

The Best Metal Detector?

We’re on a mission to review all the best metal detectors.

The Garrett GTI 2500 is good, but taking into account the price, is not great value for money.

That’s why although the metal detector is quite good, it doesn’t make the top of our list.

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This metal detector is a machine for professional hobbyists. If you’re a beginner, this is probably not the detector for you, well, except you’re willing to read through the handbook, paying attention to details carefully. We have an article about the best metal detectors for beginners, you can see it here.

Garrett GTI 2500

Most detectorists engage in the hobby of metal detecting in the bid to discover treasures, like coins, pieces of jewelry, relics, and gold nuggets. Every brand on the market keeps on innovating and revising its work to provide an optimum user experience. Aside from the fact that this model is the most advanced metal detector in the industry, Garrett has made astounding (and again, I must add “unique”) inputs to ensure improved user experience on the field.

Let’s go through some of these inputs.

Features and Benefits

Garrett GTI 2500 Features and Benefits

1. Frequency

Garrett GTI 2500 is a Very Low Frequency (VLF) metal detector with an adjustable 7.2 kHz with which the hobbyist can pick on silver items and gold nuggets on low, deeper, and high-end frequencies, respectively.

You can also take advantage of the device’s automatic pinpointer to hone in on targets.

2. Waterproofing

Like most metal detectors on the market, this one is not completely waterproof. Its search coil and display screen are waterproof but not its control box. So, to a certain extent, you have to be careful when you’re around water; a careless drop into a body of water and your detector packs up. Ensure you keep the detector dry always

3. Modes of Operation

The metal detector features five standard modes of operation. Although these modes are required to make your hunting pleasant, the detector’s design allows you to adjust its settings to meet your particular need. The modes of operation include:

  1. Coins: operating in this mode, the detector can identify metals which coins are from and detect them. You can be sure you’re detecting coins in this mode because the detector ignores large metal objects and items smaller than coins.
  2. Jewelry: this is the appropriate mode if you intend to hunt for rings, chains, earrings. Also, observe that these are items you readily find on beaches, making this mode the best for beach hunting.
  3. Relics: this is the best mode if you want to elude signals from metal targets.
  4. Custom: with this mode, you can adjust the machine’s settings to suit your requirements. Another interesting feature to look forward to here is the ability to scan an item with the detector and enter the signal data into it for future detection. The metal detector saves the custom setting you make here.
  5. Zero: here, the machine detects all metal targets

Note that the manufacturer already configured each mode of operation with pre-set settings. However, the user can adjust these settings to suit their needs.

4. Ground Balance

Any advanced-level metal detector is bound to feature manual and automatic ground balance, and the GTI 2500 is not an exception. The ground balance basically makes up for the difference in ground mineralization and soil conductivity. When you switch to hunting in these areas, the auto ground balance automatically adjusts. The manual ground balance (in addition to the sensitivity settings), however, can be set up to better deal with the problem encountered in such areas, although you must be adept with the setting to get optimum results.

5. Audio

While the screen display plays a significant part in defining a detected target, you may not necessarily need to keep viewing the screen if you adjust the audio setting well enough to hone in on the audio signals.

The GTI 2500 has an amazing audio feature with a multi-tone response-ability which is based on the size and depth of the detected item. But should the audio get uncomfortable, you can either adjust the audio threshold so that the hum is rather heard as a pleasant volume, or you can choose to silent it.

The metal detector comes with headphones with a 6.35 mm jack, and they are the noise-canceling type. The headphones are super helpful because they are great at picking subtle audio tones.

6. Discrimination

Aside from efficient detection depth and performance stability, the GTI 2500 has shown an excellent discrimination quality. The Garrett’s DSP microprocessor features a unique discrimination system that proves to identify the metal precisely. Unlike a few detectors, the discrimination system does not make use of VDI numbers but performs using a scale, which consists of 24 segments to identify targets precisely.

Why so many discrimination segments?

It implies the more the number of segments, the more adjustment scale available to the user to ensure precise reception of signals from valuable targets and to ignore undesired items.

The graphic icons, which are for discrimination, are on the bottom row on your display screen. Hence, from merely looking at the screen, you can tell which discrimination sectors are active or are excluded.

Interestingly, discrimination settings can be adjusted in two ways:

First off, ensure to set the cursor on the bottom scale to the discrimination segment that matches the mode of operation you’re working with; if the segment begins to blink, it implies it is on, which means the segment is included in the detection range. If otherwise, the segment is excluded. Should you desire to switch off or on a segment, you only need to press the “reject” or “accept” button, respectively.

Second of all, if you’re on the field, having a great time detecting, and you notice a common undesired item, for instance. Now, to cancel out detection for such items, you can move the search coil just about 2 inches above the undesired object and press on the “accept” or “reject” as the case may be.

7. Target Identification

target size

It’s a general feature of metal detectors to detect the depth of targets, and some detectors, to some extent, can even determine the type of metal it’s detecting.

Still, GTI2500 has remained unparalleled in more ways than one: in presenting an image of the detected target to the user and determining the actual size and depth of the target.

Why is this so important?

The conductivities of several similar targets produce the same detection signal even at different sizes.

Imagine a scenario where your regular detector picks up a signal from a coin or a screw, or a drink can.

Of course, it sends the penny signal to you. But how do you determine which is it exactly unless you dig it up?

You do that, and it turns out to be a worthless item – the frustration!

With this metal detector, however, you’re freed from such guesswork as you’re blessed with a clear view of not only what the target is but also a precise indication of its size, thereby eliminating the probability of digging up unworthy targets.

Design and Appearance

Garrett GTI 2500 Design and Appearance

When you see the Garrett GTI 2500, you’re not likely to be so attracted to its appearance as it isn’t the cutest detector you’ll find on the market, but, well, is that machine quite comfortable! The armrest is designed with padding that will make your usage on a long day hunting less strenuous.

On the other side of the armrest is a battery unit that is dismountable. I’m guessing that seems like an odd spot to place a battery, but the manufacturers chose it to improve the machine’s balance. But then, if you feel you don’t like it there or you want to reduce the weight of the detector, you can detach the battery unit (which is connected to the control unit by a cable) and, with the help of an already attached clamp, hang it on your belt.

The buttons on the large monitor display are legibly labeled and easy to press. The display is an LCD screen with an explicit visual indication of the type of object you’re hunting, size, and depth.

Like many other metal detectors on the market, the GTI 2500 is designed with an S-shaped shaft. The shaft is divided into three sections: the upper, middle, and bottom shaft. The upper section is constructed with aluminum alloy and covered with green powder paint; it bears the detector’s control unit. The middle shaft is also constructed with aluminum alloy and painted green; the nine length adjustment holes on this section make it possible for the user to adjust the shaft length to their height. The bottom shaft is constructed from carbon plastic; that way, you’re able to use other search coils despite their weight and size.

Spring buttons connect each of the shaft sections, making it easy and quick to assemble and disassemble when the need arises.

Pros and Cons


  • High-speed DSP
  • 5 modes of operation
  • ScanTrack to adapt the device to its user
  • Auto and Manual ground balance
  • Adjustable threshold tone
  • Wide range of available search coils
  • Backlight
  • Signal audio control
  • Automatic pinpointing
  • High-performance discrimination
  • Voice announcement (for targets and settings)
  • Threshold and sensitivity adjustment
  • Fast track ground balance


  • Slightly heavy compared to other detectors
  • Single operating frequency
  • Standard device package set does not include DD coil
  • Partially waterproof
  • Expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Garrett GTI 2500 waterproof?

This metal detector features a waterproof search coil and screen, but its control box is not waterproof. So, you’ll do well to watch out for wet areas, including wet grasses.

2. Is the Garrett GTI 2500 good for saltwater?

You shouldn’t find it too challenging to use the detector in saltwater as long as you have its salt Elim feature on, but you may have pinpointing issues. Nevertheless, you’ll enjoy minimum chatter even in saltwater detecting.

3. Can the Garrett GTI 2500 detect gold?

For a metal detector made for professionals, you should expect it to deliver better than the average metal detector on the market, especially when it comes to detectable targets. In that way, the Garrett GTI 2500 can pick on items such as coins, precious metals, and, of course, gold.

4. How deep can the Garrett GTI 2500 detect?

The metal detector can detect as deep as 12-14 inches. You’ll experience better detection depth if the ground composition is fine and the target is large, lying flat, and highly conductive.


Garrett is a known metal detector brand in the market with some beautiful products on their shelves, but the GTI 2500 model is in a class of its own, and the reason is not far-fetched. The single fact that you can precisely tell the type and size of an item’s signal you’re detecting without having to waste time and expend energy digging the target up from the ground is a significant plus that cannot be overlooked or overemphasized.

Hunting for treasure with detectors that can’t operate in different modes can be exhausting and frustrating because there are times you’re out on a hunt for a type of target. Now, while other detectors offer metal, coin, etc., modes, GTI 2500 goes further to add a custom mode where you can input your setting and save it to suit your requirements. A beautiful feature in this regard is the ability to scan an item and save it in the device’s option either for elusion or detection.

GTI 2500 metal detector

One other vital thing that catches the eye is the ability of the detector to adjust its frequency. The user can change the frequency to make the machine better suited for detecting different metals, like silver, gold. This is also an important feature in hunting for valuables amongst trash.

This metal detector is a professional workpiece. If you are a seasoned detectorist, for more information or to purchase the Garrett GTI 2500 click the below links.

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