Fisher F22 Review

by Chad Eicher

FISHER F22 review

Welcome to the ultimate Fisher F22 metal detector review.

When I first learned about Fisher F22, I was quite excited to finally replace my detector machine with the new one that would have more features to offer. The features that I found in this new detector machine made me contented to the extent that I couldn’t resist replacing my old machine with the new one.

From the fastest performance to 5 years warranty period, every characteristic blows me away. It forced me to give a detailed Fisher F22 review to the world so that many people got to know about this amazing metal detector by the Fisher brand, which is known for generating great products.

The Best Metal Detector?

We’re on a mission to review all the best metal detectors.

Unfortunately, Fisher’s F22 doesn’t make the top of our list but it’s still a good option for beginners…

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Fisher brand is known for always producing quality-based and exceptional metal detectors. They are acknowledged for producing leading technologies since 1931.

Those who have got their hands on Fisher F22 will surely agree with me. I know many people would think that why we should choose this specific product when there are many detectors available in the market with satisfactory features and results.

To be honest, I also had this question in my mind before buying it. However, after experiencing this machine, it cleared all my doubts, and I finally got to know why it can be a great choice for some people.

Fisher F22

Fisher F22 Features and Benefits

This fantastic metal detector was originated in 2015 and is considered a new version of F2. Previously the F2 remained one of the highly adored and used detectors. This version is specially designed to cover those features that are not included in the previous version.

To make sure you have a clear perception of what you are going to purchase, this detailed detector review will cover all the features and benefits for your better understanding.

1. Performance

Before buying any machine, everyone is always curious about the performance like me, that either it works like our expectations or not. If the performance is not up to the mark, it is a waste to even think about a particular product. So, people, the first thing that triggered me is it’s out of the way performance that made me say yes to this metal detecting machine instantly.

Now hunting the target has no longer remain a challenging task because of too many features it holds. It consists of 4 operation modes, 10 parts of sensitivity, and carries an Iron Handler that makes this machine stand out among others. Let’s start with the 4 modes that it contains.

  • Jewelry mode: This mode helps you to distinguish all the Iron queries.
  • Coin Mode: It not only distinguish Iron Targets, in fact, but it also hauls all the trash pieces.
  • Artifact Mode: It also incorporates all the Iron signals
  • Custom Mode: It carries a Notch feature that allows you to put a custom pattern

2. Battery Timings

Frankly speaking, many of us mostly worry about battery life whenever we plan to purchase a product. Isn’t it? I know you would also be curious about how long it operates without charging, so here is good news for you, you can go well with a maximum of 15 to 20 hours, and above that, it keeps reminding you what the current status of charging is.

Isn’t it great? You can really go for hours with this exceptional metal detector without being interrupted due to charging issues. I think this is a standout feature that might impress you.

3. Large LCD Screen

Fisher F22 LCD Screen

Let’s go simple; its large screen carries many indicators that indicate you for so many essential elements. Let’s get started with what indicators it carries that make this machine an all-rounder.

  • Target ID Number: The first indicator I found in this machine is the Target ID Number that shows the metal type you have found, i.e., Silver, Gold, or Iron.
  • Iron Indicator: This indicator goes best for Jewelry and Coin mode as it detects the Iron trash signals and immediately indicates you.
  • Battery Indicator: It keeps indicating how much battery is remaining so that you don’t face any issue during long hunting.
  • Menu Icons: It carries different settings regarding Volume setting and notch.
  • Target Indicator: It points out the depth of target that you need to achieve
  • Target ID Number: It gives you a clear idea of the target number ID. For instance, for Iron objects, it indicates 1-19, while for Zinc Coins, it pops up 50-59 ID Number. Similarly, for Copper Coins, 60-69 and Silver coins, 70-79.

4. It is Weatherproof?

What if I tell you this highly recommended metal detector is weatherproof, so you don’t need to worry about weather issues. However, I would like to mention here; keep your machine away from rain or water because it is not waterproof. It will be destroyed if the machine got wet.

However, the coil attached to it is waterproof and does not get damaged in wet soil. Ensure that the control box doesn’t get wet.

5. Price

Frankly speaking, any particular product’s cost is the main concern for many people, including me. However, when I first learned about its price, I found it quite satisfactory because, with unlimited features and characteristics, you can’t expect this machine to be that cheap.

I think it is not bad to spend around 200$ on a metal detecting machine that also carries the feature of being a weatherproof metal detector. Isn’t it? So people, aren’t the price of this extraordinary machine quite satisfactory?

6. Tones

If we look at this metal detector’s tones, it comes up with 4 types, including Low, Base, Medium, and High. You can set the tone according to your desire and requirement. You can also get a great idea of the target in the ground through these tones. Whenever the indicator detects any metal, the set tone will illuminate.

The target number ID will pop up on the screen that will indicate what target you have achieved. The tone will convey the electrical conductivity of the target.

Furthermore, this detector carries a feature of Iron Audio that saves your time from digging unnecessary targets and intensifying iron signals. Its sound quality is another level; hence it will help you out in achieving the target.

7. Search Coil

The product carries a small yet narrow coil that made finding important targets easy and straightforward. I think it is the main thing that every metal indicator holder seeks. It goes 9″ deep and gives a clear indication between gold and trash. Additionally, this indicator is perfect for moving in tight spaces, including Rock and play areas.

Above all, you can use the coil in shallow water; however, make sure not to make the control box wet because it is not waterproof. If we look at the F22 Coil, it can only go 9″ deep.

8. Adds Value to Money

I specifically would like to mention this feature that it brings value to money by offering a few items free of cost along with a metal indicator. When you get your hands on this beautiful product, you will also get a few pieces that would help you perform the task, including gloves.

It is clearly one of the worth recommending metal indicator that includes every feature that one demands during target hunting. It gives you full command over every feature and allows you to customize the essential settings to make the work done. Who wouldn’t want to give a chance to this powerful machine?

Fisher F22 Design and Appearance

If you are looking forward to purchasing an easy to use metal detector that is ideal for beginners and lightweight, here is an ultimate solution for you. Isn’t it what we all demand in our metal detector machine?

With a weight of 2.3 pounds, this machine is extremely lightweight that you can carry for maximum straight hours.

Fisher F22 Design

It comprises 22x8x5 inches that is an ideal weight, and you all will surely agree with me. Its handgrip comprises a soft gripping that provides you with firm support that is ideal for the worst weather conditions. A long stem stretches out to a curved molded pursuit loop. Typically, I would locate the curved shape adversely, yet it helps against incidentally knocking the loop when you’re strolling.

Now let’s move towards its interface that is another important element of any product. Have you never used a metal indicator before? Don’t worry; even it is an ideal choice for beginners because it comes with an easy interface. It contains many indicators that keep giving you notifications regarding tracking ID Depth, Battery life, etc.

The Fisher F22 weatherproof metal detector also allows you to easily read those notifications that pop up on the large LCD Screen. Isn’t it that Fisher F22 has made many complicated things uncomplicated? Now hunting the large depth metals have become relatively easy and straightforward and all thanks to this Fisher metal detector.

Fisher F22 Specifications

If you are searching for a stylish, lightweight, and fastest working metal detector, you can’t wrong with Fisher F22 because it is not easy to find so many specifications in a single product, but on the other hand, it is not impossible. To make your hunting process easy and straightforward, Fisher F22 makes sure to deliver the best results.

Its Triangular Elliptical coil shape goes to 9″ make the hunting process easy for the places where it is difficult to reach. On the other hand, its adjustable height has given another level of ease to the customers. If we talk about its battery, it works on 2 AA that is the standard size.

  • Battery: 2 AA Batteries
  • Warranty Period: 5 Years
  • Battery life: 15 to 20 Hours
  • Product Brand: Fisher
  • Modes: 4 Mode
  • Weight: Easy and Lightweight
  • Product Name: Fisher F22 Metal Detector
  • Technology: VLF
  • Modes: 4 Electronic pinpoints
  • Weight: 2.3 lbs
  • Frequency: 7.69 kHz
  • Multiple Notching System

Fisher F22 Pros and Cons

Like every other product, it also carries many pros and a few cons that need to be known by everyone who is thinking of giving it a try. Let’s first put light on a few of its pros that make this product worth using.

  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable Audio
  • Four preset search modes
  • Easy to understand Interface
  • Waterproof Coil attached to it
  • Functions on 2AA Batteries
  • No manual ground balance
  • LCD screen difficult to see at night

Fisher F22 FAQs

1. Is the Fisher F22 waterproof?

Unfortunately, Fisher22 is not waterproof; you need to protect this machine from getting wet. However, it is weatherproof. It works well, even in extreme weather conditions.

2. Is the Fisher F22 good for saltwater?

No, it is not waterproof, so keep it away from any kind of water.

3. Can the Fisher F22 detect gold?

Yes, it detects every metal type, including Gold.

4. How deep can the Fisher F22 detect?

It can detect metals up to 9″ deep.


The Fisher F22 metal detector is an ideal choice for those who are beginning their metal detecting journey. Being a beginner, you won’t find it hard to understand how to use it, as it has an easy to use interface and has a fast and efficient processing speed. If you think this machine is too simplistic for you, you can always try the more advanced F44 (review).

Fisher F22 allows you to customize the settings as per your requirement, and it let you save the settings even when the detector is not working. You don’t need to afraid of extreme weather conditions as it won’t harm the machine. Sounds exciting? Though you will find a small difference in the cost yet, you can’t ignore the unlimited features and characteristics this machine offers.

This guide might have all the answers to your questions that might be bothering you, so why not give this entry level detector a try? Experience this exceptional and captivating metal detector and you won’t be disappointed.

Fisher F22 Alternatives

I’m on a mission to review all the top metal detectors.

Here’s my progress so far:

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