Garrett ACE 300 Review

by Chad Eicher

Welcome to the ultimate Garrett ACE 300 review.

Are you a beginner or a mid-level detectorist looking for an ideal and affordable metal detector?

Well, if that defines you, look no more.

The Garrett ACE 300 metal detector could be an ideal companion for you.

Besides being easy to to operate, it’s also quality built. The machine is also highly efficient, reliable, and boasts of Garrett’s top-performance standards. With its advanced features, the unit is practical in detecting jewelry, coins, relics, among other treasures.

The Best Metal Detector?

We’re on a mission to find the best metal detector.

Although the ACE 300 didn’t make the top of our list, is still an excellent choice for beginners…

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In this ACE 300 review, we’ll look at the detector in detail. We will discuss its features and what each of them has to offer.

So, let’s get right into it!

Garrett ACE 300 Features

1. Five Detection Modes

Detection modes come in handy when you intend to focus the machine’s focus on particular objects. Luckily enough, the Garrett ACE 300 features five search modes. They include Coins, Relics, Custom, Zero (no discrimination), and Jewelry.

Each of the modes works by removing specific segments from its Target ID scale. Even so, you will still see all segments on the Digital Target ID. The machine, however, will not emit an audio signal allowing you to ignore any unwanted stuff.

The Zero-Disc mode activates all 12 search pixels. It will, therefore, detect all metals. Also, it can find and separate good objects that could be hiding near trash ones.

Custom mode is more of a free slot. In other words, it allows you to save your specific settings. The Relics mode is perfect for objects made of low conductivity metals such as brass, bronze, and lead.

If you want to find necklaces, rings, watches, and bracelets, the Jewelry mode does just that. Lastly, the Coins mode detects US coins and other coins with the same composition and characteristics.

Garrett ACE 300

2. Digital Target ІD

The Digital Target ID feature makes the ACE300 stand out from its counterparts. By it, the unit measures the conductivity of various target items.

On its screen, it displays the value. But only on the condition that variable factors support measurements, e.g., depth and size of the object.

The scale shows values ranging between 0 and 99. High conductivity metals like silver, gold, and copper will display higher values. On the other hand, low conductivity targets such as steel, iron, and small jewelry have lower values.

The scale is very instrumental in helping you determine what items are buried below.

3. Iron Discrimination Segments

Unlike the ACE 400, the ACE 300 doesn’t come with the Iron Audio feature. Instead, it comes with an Iron Masking feature. In most cases, iron trash objects tend to mask a good target signal when close to them.

With this function, it’s almost impossible to miss a valuable coin. You only have to increase the iron discrimination that shows on the screen as four-segment bars. Make enough adjustment to separate iron and detect the good item’s signal.

4. Рinpoint

When using other ordinary metal detector machines, you may have to get yourself a handheld pinpointer. However, that’s not the case with the ACE 300. The reason being, it includes a built-in electronic pinpointer.

Pinpointers facilitate quick recovering of objects that the metal detector can’t precisely locate. With this feature, you only have to wait for the loudest signal. Then, look for the most segments filling the upper scale.

As an added advantage, the unit has a Coin Depth Indicator. Through this, it tells how deep your object is.

5. Waterproof

Okay, the Garett ACE 300 is somewhat waterproof. In other words, at least the search coil and shaft are waterproof. However, the control box isn’t.

You can, therefore, only search on shallow water. If your control box touches the water, try to pick it up quickly.

Moreover, the ACE 300 includes protective accessories. It comes with a weather cover-up to protect the control box. The search coil also has its cover that offers additional protection from unintentional damage.

6. Adjustable frequency

This function may not be something you’ll have to use frequently. Nevertheless, it proves to be very convenient anytime you need it. Take, for instance, when facing interference from Wi-fi signals or power lines. Or when competing with other 8kHz-running metal detectors.

Usually, the ACE 300 metal detector runs at a default frequency of 8kHz. But if need be, it allows slight adjustments.

7. Controls

Garrett ACE 300 Control Box

Like all other Garrett metal detectors, the ACE 300 has a simple control box. In other terms, operating the unit is nothing less straightforward.

It only includes the mode, sensitivity, and discrimination buttons. And what’s even more amazing, all these buttons operate on a plus or minus basis.

Its digital target ID is also impressive and helps you quickly and accurately find objects without digging. Generally, using the ACE 300 metal detector saves you much time spent when digging out the trash.

You can read the full manual for more.

8. Audio

Remarkably, the ACE 300 also includes top-quality audio. Alongside the graphics display, it helps you identify targets and give you an idea of what’s beneath.

It produces varying tones to indicate what type of metal is close by. High pitch noises, for instance, in most cases, could signify a coin. Low tones, on the other hand, could indicate a nail.

As a bonus, the ACE 300 includes a pair of headphones. Through these, you can focus on the tones after plugging them into the control box.

9. Search Coil

Garrett ACE 300 Coil

The ACE 300 includes a 7” by 10” concentric PROformance coil. Through this, the machine achieves a decent depth alongside a wide-range of discrimination potential.

Luckily enough, the unit is also compatible with other coils in the ACE series.

Therefore, you could acquire the 4.5” Super Sniper or the bigger 9” by 12” PROformance coil.

Even though all coils have something to offer, find one that best suits your ground and target preference.

10. Batteries

The metal detector requires four AA batteries to power on. And, under normal circumstances, they should last about 40 hours. But, it’s important to keep a spare set close by just in case.

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Garrett ACE 300 Appearance and Design

Like the predecessors, the ACE 300 also displays the same Garrett ACE fashion. So, it still includes the black and bright yellow design that is very striking.

As you would expect, this detector model has an adjustable height between 40 and 53 inches. It then adds camlocks to the stem to bolster its stability. After setting the stem at your preferred height, the camlocks tighten after clicking into place.

Besides its somewhat fancy design, the ACE 300 is not only robust but sturdy to boot. It can thereby survive accidental drops and falls.

Additionally, it only weighs 1.2 kgs. Being a lightweight option, carrying the metal detector around is effortless.

It’s forearm support and handgrip feature soft padding. With these, you can use the unit for extended periods without any feeling of discomfort.

Its control panel resembles that of the previous Garret ACE 250. The LCD screen display has impeccable clarity and is simple as well. It allows you to see the active mode, depth indication, target ID numbers, battery levels, etc.

Garrett ACE 300 Performance

The ACE 300 is a continual wave device running at an 8 kHz single frequency. Even so, its frequency can be slightly adjusted by four minor levels.

The function is not one you’ll have to use often. But it may come in handy when other competing metal detector models or power lines start to interfere.

The ACE 300 is a typical surface search metal detector. It has the power to detect metal objects buried around 8 inches deep. However, it can search even deeper depending on different factors. These may include the soil, your settings, and the item’s size and chemistry.

It may, nonetheless, perform poorly in high-mineralization areas. The reason being, it’s limited to having a factory-set ground balance. But if you plan to use the ACE 300 for its intended purpose, it’s an ideal option for most hobbyists.

What’s in the box

The ACE 300 comes unassembled. So, in the box, you’ll find:

  • The 7” by 10” large search coil and cover
  • A dust and rain cover for the control box
  • A pair of Garrett’s Easy Stow Clear Sound Headphones
  • An instructional DVD
  • The instruction manual

What we didn’t like about the Garrett ACE 300

Sometimes the ACE 300 may get too noisy with excessive chatter in the background. And as a result, you might experience erratic and inconsistent signals.

This interference may arise from high-mineralization soils, other metal detectors, salt, cell phones, etc. In such a scenario, the only solution has to do with adjusting the ground balance.

Well, unfortunately, that’s not possible with the ACE 300. In other terms, the ACE 300 comes with an unchangeable ground balance set at the factory. Garrett has not yet addressed the concern.

Garrett ACE 300 Pros and Cons

  • Straightforward to operate
  • Large and durable search coil
  • Reasonable price
  • Very sturdy and robust
  • Lightweight hence easy to carry around
  • Comfortable padded handgrip and forearm
  • Enhanced Iron Resolution
  • Its ground balance is not adjustable
  • Lacks Iron Audio

Garrett ACE 300 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Garrett ACE 300 waterproof?

Well, no completely. The only parts that can resist water are the search coil and pole. The control box, on the contrary, is not. For this reason, the ACE 300 is perfect for shallow water detection.

2. Is the Garrett ACE 300 good for saltwater?

Not really. The reason being, the ACE 300 is a single frequency VLF machine. As such, expect poor performance in saltwater or wet sand.
Nevertheless, it’s search coil is submersible. Thus, it is an ideal metal detector model to use on dry sand

3. Can the Garrett ACE 300 detect gold?

Yes. The unit can only find gold jewelry. However, it cannot detect gold nuggets since they are mostly present in highly mineralized soil. And, to cope up with such environments, you require a pulse induction machine.

Also, gold will register values ranging between 40 and 60 on the digital target ID.

4. How deep can the Garrett ACE 300 detect?

How deep the device can detect greatly depends on several factors. These include sensitivity level, ground mineralization, soil, orientation, size of the object, etc.

Its depth meter (marked as 8+ inches) can only display a depth of up to 8 inches. Even so, the ACE 300 can detect targets up to 10 inches deep.

5. Who is the Garrett АСЕ 300 best for?

The ACE 300 metal detector is ideal for beginners. It’s a top-quality metal detector featuring the Digital Target ID, waterproof design, and Pinpoint functions. As such, it has an optimal potential to detect metal targets effectively. With its innovative features, this device is excellent for a mid-level detectorists.


Coming across an ideal metal detector with advanced features and a low price isn’t that easy. But the Garrett ACE 300 delivers just that. Look at it as an ideal instance of getting more for less.

The machine offers much more, unlike most entry-level counterparts. It is lightweight hence effortless to carry over long distances. Moreover, it employs innovative technology, making it a professional option as well.

All of the device’s components are sturdy; thus, its durability is hard to question. The metal detector’s searching performance is impeccable. With the ACE 300, you’ll save much time and find many more treasures, even in difficult terrains.

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Garrett ACE 300 Alternatives

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Here’s my progress so far:

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