1915 Penny

by Chad Eicher

1915 Penny

The 1915 wheat pennies come in three varieties “P”, “S” and “D”.

How Much Is A 1915 Wheat Penny Worth?

Anywhere from $2.15 to $155 dollars

How Many Wheat Pennies Were Minted in 1915?

1915 P variety: 29,090,970

1915 D variety: 32,050,000

1915 S variety: 4,833,000

1915 P wheat penny

Rarity: 1915 P cents are scarcer than other P Mint cents. But you can find these in lower grades while good quality coins are difficult to locate.

Facts about the 1915 P Cent: These have low mintage. Also many have spotting and finger prints.

1915 D wheat penny

Rarity: These coins can be challenging to locate. Cents of fully red condition are almost impossible to find.

Facts about the 1915 D Cent: You can readily find average quality cents with lightly worn dies. This issue had greater mintage when compared to the D cents from previous years.

1915 S wheat penny

Rarity: These cents are truly scarce. They seemed to have disappeared from circulation during the 1950’s. With much effort you may find extremely ugly mint state coins. However the higher quality coins with good color and detail are extremely rare.

Facts about the 1915 S Cent: This date has a small number of certified coins. Although many are well struck a good number have been artistically cleaned and retoned. Many are dark and discolored.

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