1918 Penny

by Chad Eicher

1918 Penny

How much is a 1918 wheat penny worth?

A 1918 Penny worth is dependent upon the condition. Once in a poor condition is only worth 45 cents. While one is perfect to great condition, is worth $45.

Where was the 1918 Wheat Penny Minted?

The 1918 wheat penny was minted in Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

How many 1918 pennies were minted?

There were approximately 288,104,000 minted. This number only reflects the amount of 1918 wheat pennies that were released into circulation. It does not reflect that amount which ere minted.

Where can You buy a 1918 wheat penny?

You can buy a 1918 wheat penny from a reputable coin dealer. You can also browse Ebay and other online stores for coins of this nature. There may even be some 1918 coins listed on craigslist.

Facts about the 1918 Wheat Penny:

In 1918 the VDB initials were replaced on the Lincoln cent. The designer Victor David Brenner’s initials were placed above the rim under Lincoln’s shoulder.

Unlike other mint year’s, 1918 was a relatively smooth year for the Lincoln cent production. Only noted varieties were produced, no error coins were minted in the Denver, Philadelphia and San Francisco Mints.

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