1922 D Penny

by Chad Eicher

1922 D Penny

How many 1922 D wheat penny were minted?


How much is a 1922 D wheat penny worth?

$21 to $177. For those with a No D mark you can get it for up to $400.

Rarity: 1922-D is a scarce date in all grades. grades VF and higher are scarce to rare; most have been cleaned and retoned. Low and Mint State coins are usually available. Fully red cents in good to excellent condition are in constant demand and sell quickly.

Facts about the 1922 D wheat penny: Most 1922 D wheat pennies have heavy to moderate wear.This wear is responsible for the no-D varieties. There are a few cents of this issue which may be found quite well struck. These wheat pennies are very rare though. It’s been a quest of coin collectors to find genuine well struck issues of this date. However, it’s quite rare to find 1922-D cents that are fully red and well struck and that are certified. Many of these cents are dull with spotting issues.

Additionally, there was a shortage of this issue early on. During the 1930’s collectors noticed the shortage of this issue and demand for it increased as the issue became increasingly difficult to find in circulation.

1922 NO D Wheat Penny

Rarity: Most of these coins were pulled from circulation from the 1930s-1950’s. As a result, these coins are quite scarce in all grades. The ones that you may find may commonly be of poor quality and in worn condition. It’s nearly impossible to find one that is well struck. Consequently, these are in demand.

Facts about the 1922 No D cent: The 1922 wheat penny with no mint mark is valuable because there were no cents being coined at the Philadelphia Mint at that time. When being made the “D” mint was never put on.

Scamers have purposely removed the mintmark from normal 1922-D pennies. So fakes for this issue is quite normal. It’s important to know how to tell when one is real. I would recommend you go to a service that has specialization in coin authentication if you happen to come by one and are considering purchasing it.

Signs of real 1922 no D Cents

  • Die Pairs 1 and 3 are similar in that both have severely worn dies.Die Pairs 1 and 3 have both have no D and partial D variety.
  • The no-D variety of DIe Pair 2 have dies with shallow and inverted impressions of one another. There may be a partial mintmark which is very shallow.
  • On the reverse of Die Pair 1, a crack runs from letter L in Pluribus through letter O in One, terminating at the base of letter O. This crack is jagged edged.. A similar crack is found on some normal 1922-D cents but this crack follows a straight line through the top of letter O and continues onward after assign through the bottom of the letter.
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