1927 Penny

by Chad Eicher

1927 Penny
The 1927 wheat pennies come in three varieties : “P”, “D” and “S”.

How Much Is A 1927 Wheat Penny Worth?

Anywhere from 0.35 cents to $400.00

How Many Wheat Pennies Were Minted in 1927?

1927 P variety: 144,440,000

1927 D variety: 27,170,000

1927 S variety: 14,276,000

1927 P wheat penny

Rarity: Like 1926 P including fully red gem Most are well struck. Original rolls still exist

Facts about the 1927 P Cent: They are generally well struck and quite common in all grades.

1927 D wheat penny

Rarity: Common in most grades. Coins of mediocre quality are common. However, many coins are badly struck and have poor color. Good quality cents are rare.

Facts about the 1927 D Cent: The quality of this cent is okay. Few are well struck and most are of average quality. They are typically brown or red in color.

1927 S wheat penny

Rarity: These cents are fairly common due to hoarding. However Mint State coins are difficult to find as well as good quality, well quality cents.

Facts about the 1927 S Cent: These cents have eroded dies. They are of poor quality.

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