1930 D Penny

by Chad Eicher

1930 D Penny

How much is a 1930 D penny worth?

It is valued at anywhere between 35 cents and 15 dollars.

Amount minted: although relatively scarcer than the 1930-P and 1930-S cents, those of 1930-D cannot be considered scare in an absolute sense. Fully struck, fully red gems are usually available, though at a higher cost than the more commonly seen examples of indistinct strike. original rolls may still exist, as many of these cents were retained by banks during the Great Depression and discovered years later.

Varieties: Four repunched mintmarks are reported. As is the case for most such varieties, the premium attached in circulated grades is slight. In addition, Walter Breen listed a variety with the numeral 0 filled form a chipped die. Its value is likewise minimal.

Comments: Generally well struck for a Denver Mint cent, some will show moderate die wear, but there are enough sharp pieces to meet the demand.

The color of most 1930-d cents is a bit off, probably due to prolonged storage in paper wrappers. Widely hoarded these coins were largely withheld from circulation by banks and the U.S. Treasury until the demand for additional coins picked up around 1934.

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