1939 Penny

by Chad Eicher

1939 Penny

The 1939 wheat pennies come in three varieties “D”, “P” and “S”.

How much is a 1939 Wheat Penny worth?

A 1939 wheat penny is worth 35 cents to $4.

How many 1939 wheat pennies were minted?

1939 S: 52,070,000

1939 D: 15,160,000

1939 P:  316,479,520

1939 P Wheat Penny

Rarity: This issue is common. You can find fully red and well struck coins easily. Original rolls still exist

Facts about the 1939-P wheat Penny: 1939-P cents are typically well struck. Their color s usually a brassy reddish color.

1939 D Wheat Penny

Rarity: This issue was already rare in circulation by 1965 . In fact 1939-D never was found in any grade. some dealers in any grade desired.

Facts about the 1939 D Wheat Pennies: This issue was well struck. It’s difficult to find because the mintage was low and collectors hoarded it.

1939 S Wheat Penny

Rarity: 1939-S cents are common and fairly easy to find.

Facts about the 1939 S Wheat Penny: During this period there was a problem with minting suspension. The quality of the 1939 S cents are generally poor.

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