1944 Wheat Penny

by Chad Eicher

1944 Wheat Penny

The 1944 Lincoln penny is one of the most valued coins among collectors today because of its impressive design and value..

These coins were minted in the United States several decades ago. Since they are no longer in production and circulation, they have become scarce. These coins have a history to them that makes them worth collectors’ efforts.

There are different varieties of these coins depending on the mint mark on them. These coins are usually found in different conditions, which also influences their value. This article covers all the essential information on these coins.

What is the 1944 penny?

1944 Wheat Cent

The 1944 penny was designed by Victor David Brenner and made from aluminum shell metal that has been recycled. These pennies were a return of Lincoln pennies and they contain 95% copper and 5% zinc.  These wheat pennies are highly valuable compared to other coins that were minted in the 1910s through to the 1950s.

The 1944 penny was minted after people complained about the 1943 Lincoln penny. During World War II, the government refused to use copper for minting coins because they used copper for making ammunition for the war. However, people complained that they could not distinguish the coin in circulation from a dime and the coin corroded fast. The government responded by making the 1944 wheat coin, using copper as the main material to avoid corrosion. The 1944 penny is the most minted coin in the history of the United States.

Also, collectors value this penny because of its rarity. These pennies are no longer being produced. Therefore, they are not easy to come by. Given the value that collectors place on this coin and the scarcity of the coin itself, they are highly valuable.

How much is a 1944 copper penny worth today?

The 1944 Lincoln penny is worth up to 35 cents today. However, there is no fixed value for the coins because some factors determine how much value coin collectors place on it.

What determines the price of the 1944 wheat penny?

The 1944 wheat penny value depends on the mint state and the condition of the coin:

The Philadelphia Mint

The Philadelphia mint in fine condition is worth $0.10. In extremely fine condition, the coin is worth $0.20. An MS 63 grade wheat penny in uncirculated condition is worth $1. An MS-65RB coin in uncirculated condition is worth $5.

The Denver Mint

The wheat penny with a “D” inscription in very fine condition is worth $0.10 and $0.20 in extremely fine condition. The unconsumed coin in MS-63RB grade is worth $0.85 while the MS-65RB grade uncirculated coin is worth $4.

The San Francisco Mint

The 1944 S wheat penny in very fine condition is $0.15 while the penny in extremely fine condition is worth $0.20. Uncirculated wheat penny coins in MS-63RB grade sell for $0.85 while MS-65RB grade uncirculated coins are worth up to $4.

Which mints made the 1944 Wheat Penny?

There were three distinct mints for these pennies. They were the Philadelphia mint, Denver mint and San Francisco mints. Collectively, they minted over 2.1 billion 1944 pennies. While San Francisco minted 282,760,000 pennies with the “S” mintmark, Denver minted 430,578,000 pennies with the “D” mintmark, and Philadelphia minted 1,435,400,000 pennies without a mintmark.

Features of the 1944 wheat penny

The 1944 wheat penny has some unique features.

Lincoln’s portrait

On the head of the coin, the portrait of Abraham Lincoln was inscribed on it.


There are a number of inscriptions on the coin. A “LIBERTY” inscription sits on the left of the portrait, while on the right is the “1944” inscription. On top of the head is the “IN GOD WE TRUST” inscription in an arc.

On the reverse side of the coin, there is an inscription of “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” and “ONE CENT”. On the right and left edges of the coin are two wheat stalks. On top of the reverse side, there is an arching inscription of “E PLURIBUS UNUM”.

Mint marks

Wheat pennies minted in Denver have the “D” inscripted under “1944” while those minted in San Francisco have the “S” mark inscripted under “1944” as well.

Weight and size

The 1944 wheat coin is 19 millimeters in diameter and it weighs 3.1 grams.


Why is the 1944 penny rare?

The 1944 Lincoln pennies are rare because they are no longer in production and circulation. Also, collectors value them so they make the run for it anywhere they can find them.

What 1944s pennies are worth money?

All the coins, both those with mintmarks and those minted in Philadelphia, are worth money. The values depend on their condition.


The 1944 wheat penny was minted in Philadelphia, Denver and SanFrancisco. The coin is rare and has a high face value. A coin dealer is ready to pay handsomely for pieces of this coin. The coin has impressive designs and over 2.1 billion coins were minted. value this penny because of its unique and impressive designs.

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