1955 Penny

by Chad Eicher

1955 Penny

The 1955 wheat pennies come in three varieties “D”, “P” and “S”

How Much Is A 1955 Wheat Penny Worth?

Anywhere from .02 to $1

How Many Wheat Pennies Were Minted in 1955?

P variety-330,580,000

S vartiety-446,100,000

D variety-563,25,7500

1955 P Penny

Rarity: Common in all grades and original rolls still exist. It’s fairly hard to locate quality single cents.

Other facts about the 1955 P penny: Poor steel and die effected the quality of cents during this period. As a result, many of the 1955 P cents are of poor quality.

Backstory: There was a shortage of cents and at the same time demand increase to make these cents. So there was a rush to make these cents. Additionally, the mint had a budget cut in order produce savings.

In 1955, the Philadelphia Mint produced 100 million cents on a monthly basis. Even with this drastic increase, the demand surged across several places around the US.

Doubled Die Obverse Philadelphia

Rarity: Most of these that are available are well struck, but not well preserved. Many of the remaining are AU or EF, most may have been cleaned and colored. Virgin mint cents are rare.

Facts: These coins were a result from defective die and it was produced in a rush because of a sudden shortage of cents. As many as 23,000 cents were produced before the error was discovered. Rather than destroying the estimated 10 million error cents that were produced, these errors were instead released. In 1955, the cents turned up in Boston, Massachusetts as well as New York.

Many counterfeits of this coins exist. However, you can easily tell when a coin is not genuine. All recent were struck from a reverse die and have crossing lints to the left of the letter T in cents. With some older and worn cents or even cleaned cents these things may be difficult to see. There are also fiing line which are located just below the left what ear.


Rarity: Common in all grades fine and higher. The original rolls still exist.

Facts about the 1955 D Wheat Penny: Fully red coins may still exist, but they are often worn with weird dies. Also may be distorted letters and dies with cracks and chips.

San Francisco

Rarity: This issue is one of the most hoarded of the US Coins. They are challenging to find.

Facts about the 1955 S Penny: Most 1955S cents are of poor quality. However, plenty of red cents still exist due to the hoarding, but most show signs of wearing on the reverse.

San Francisco Mint was no longer producing coins and these coins represented the last day of coining at the mint. These coins were produced in large number, by large numbers of these coins were acquired by individuals in new condition.

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