1956 Penny

by Chad Eicher

1956 Penny

A 1956 wheat penny is not rare. A single 1956 wheat penny is not valuable, but the keyword here is “single”. If you have a bunch of 1956 wheat pennies, you can get a lot of money for these coins. These are great collector or investment items particularly for those who are just begging to collect coins.

1956 Wheat Penny History

The birth of the 1956 wheat penny was in Philadelphia Pennsylvania in 1956. There were about 420,745,000 1956 pennies minted.

Although this number is a rough figure and does not include the entire amount of wheat pennies that might have been released into circulation.

How Many Wheat Pennies Were Minted in 1956?

Around 420,745,000

How Much Is A 1956 Wheat Penny Worth?

The worth of the 1956 wheat penny various based upon condition. If the wheat penny is in poor condition it can be worth as little as fifteen cents. However, a wheat cent in very good condition or perfect condition can be worth around sixty cents.

Other Facts about the Value of the 1956 Wheat Penny:

The value of any coins is based upon it’s condition, grade, and amount minted. Also, for the 1956 wheat penny is particular, worth can be based upon cooper prices.

Since the 1956 wheat penny is made up of 95 percent cooper and cooper is still considered a valuable metal

This penny can have some worth to it. Keep in mind the worth and value can go down , because it’s based on the cooper prices in the global economy and or stock market. In recent years, cooper has seen a light increase.

Don’t be fooled. Just because the 1956 wheat coin is made up of mostly cooper, doesn’t mean it’s worth much. As mentioned, it’s based on the coins shine, condition and the amount minted of that coin.

Also the year and mint mark will determine the value. Coins with a high mint tend to be worth less than coins with a low mint.

Where to buy 1956 Wheat Pennies:

Although a single 1956 wheat penny, is not worth much—you’d be surprised how much profit you can make when you invest at a low cost in a bunch and then sell them off for a pretty penny.

My favorite place to search for these pennies are on Craigslist or eBay. You can also purchase these in bulk and then sell them either on Craigslist or eBay.

The sliver 1956 wheat pennies tend to be more pricey. However, you can usually find good deals on eBay. Just search for these pennies by the seller’s reputation and price at the lowest.

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