1965 Quarter

by Chad Eicher

1965 quarter

Rare quarters coins can be difficult to find, but the 1965 quarter is worth all the effort. While many 1965 quarters are rare, some are popular and easy to find.

Many collectors are seeking this rare 1965 quarter because they are stuck on metals and appeal to many art enthusiasts.

Today’s article will talk more about the 1965 quarter, history, and the types of 1965 quarters available.

About the 1965 quarter

1965 Washington quarter

We can trace the 1965 quarter to the commemoration of the birth of George Washington in AD 200. This coin was designed by a popular sculptor, John Flanagan. You can find the initials of this sculptor beneath the coin of Washington.

The 1965 quarter is composed of 80% copper and 20% nickel, while the core is completely made of pure copper. It is reported to weigh about 5.70 grams and measures about 25 millimeters in diameter.

The obverse of the 1965 coin has the inscription of former American president George Washington with the inscriptions ‘LIBERTY‘ on the surface.

History of the 1965 Quarter

This quarter coin was a primary quarter made for commerce by the then Treasury assistant Robert Wallace when there was a shortage of coins in 1964. During the draught of quarter coins, the rates of silver surges, which made the US treasury department strike the 1964 coins to 1965.

Despite the efforts of the US treasury department, coin production continued to decline while silver stock and 1965 quarter coins kept rising till it reached about 94 cents worth in the parallel market.

Because of those events, President Johnson removed silver from the Washington quarter and encouraged the shift to a composition of copper-layer on either side. About half of dollar coins were then exchanged from 85% to 45% silver.

Most Numismatists were not happy with the copper-nickel coins even with the apparent benefits. They argued that they were produced in many quantities and were not silver.

Is Having a 1965 quarter worth the effort?

Yes, getting a 1965 quarter coin is worth every effort because at least one 1965 coin has a value of about $7, 500 and is considered a rare metal. But be careful, not all 1965 quarters can be considered rare, therefore finding the right Washington quarter is appropriate.

Some years ago, a 1965 quarter coin collector mistakenly found a 92% silver planchet, which made him extremely rich.

This incident happened when the US Mint was moving away from quarters, dimes and semi dollars. It was expected that some silver 1965 silver survived the apocalypse.

How to spot a rare 1965 Silver Quarter

Telling the difference between coins sometimes might be complicated. So how can one know if he has a 1965 silver quarter:

Using a scale

To identify a 1965 silver quarter and tell the difference from a clad quarter, get a working scale. This scale can measure how the gram is and the durability of both metals.

Collector recommendation

Sometimes you need an experienced eye to tell the difference between the 1965 quarter and clad quarter. Try to find someone familiar with this rare coin and get them to spot the difference between the metals.

Surface texture

The 1965 quarter coin and 1965 clad quarter look similar on their layers, their texture is different. The outward texture of the 1965 coin is strong and reacts less to rust and corrosion than the clad quarter.

How to determine what’s your coin worth

Types of standard 1965 Quarters

While the 1965 quarters are popular because they can be on sale easily, they come in two premium quarters:

Silver Error 1965 Quarter

During 1965, dimes and quarters changed the composition from 95% silver to zero silver because of operations. These error quarters type were made during the operation expansions.

During this period mint created some 95% silver dimes and quarters. At least a silver quarter is known to be available and was sold in 2014 for around $7,050 at an auction.

Though debatable, many believe that there exists more than one 1965 coin in circulation. The simplest method to know is using a calibrated gram scale.

Standard Clad 1965 Quarter

These are shiny silver quarters which are common in circulation. Clad Washington quarters weigh about 7 grams and the 95% silver weigh about 6.50 grand. Generally, they don’t have copper or nickel surfaces showing and are affordable.


The 1965 coins are a great collection to have in your possession. While the standard 1965 quarters are composed of clad and copper, the standard quarters are less valuable than the rare error coins. Though the 1965 error coins can be found, affordability is an issue to most collectors.

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