417 Gold Guide

by Chad Eicher

What does 417 gold mean?

What comes to your mind when you hear about jewelry? Well, many people will think of gold or diamond.

Have you heard about 417 gold?

You will likely get confused when you hear 417 marked gold, especially if it is your first time. It is frequently used to advertise gold jewelry online and in shops.

But how much is it worth? And what does 417 gold mean?

Read on for answers to these questions and other things you need to know about 417 gold.

What Is 417 Gold?

417 gold markings

Every piece of gold jewelry that you see has a certain amount of gold content in it, which varies from one piece of jewelry to another.

Each gold jewelry has a unique mark or stamp, which could be either numbers or sometimes letters. An example of such a mark is the 417 and it specifies purity or the percentage of gold in the jewelry.

A 417 marked gold jewelry simply means that the jewelry is made of 41.7% of gold and the remaining 58.3% is made of other materials. Also, 417 gold is the same as 10 karat or 10k gold, as they both contain the same gold content.

Understanding Markings On Gold Jewelry

Though you might not notice the markings on gold jewelry easily, however, with the aid of a magnifying glass, you should be able to see the markings. To see the mark, check the inside of a ring or the clasps of a bracelet, chains, and earrings.

The mark should suggest the percentage of gold content in the jewelry but this does not guarantee that the jewelry contains the marked number because there are pieces of jewelry with fake gold markings and some do not have marks.

Gold jewelry could be marked 750, 585, 417, and many more. These stamps simply indicate the percentage of gold content in the jewelry. When a piece of gold jewelry is marked 750, it means it has 75% gold, 585 means 58.5% gold, and 417 means 41.7% gold.

In a simple term, 750 marked gold stands for 18 karats or 18k, 585 stands for 14 karats or 14k, while 417 stands for 10 karats or 10k. Nevertheless, the best way to determine the percentage of gold content in a piece of jewelry is to do a gold test using nitric acid.

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Other Means of Identifying Gold

gold bars

Though you can determine the percentage of gold content in a piece of jewelry by checking the gold mark on it. There are, however, some older gold jewelry without marks. Nevertheless, there are other means of knowing if a piece of jewelry is gold.


Irrespective of the conditions gold jewelry is subjected to, it does not tarnish or change its color. If you notice any discoloration on pieces of jewelry, such jewelry is not pure gold.


A piece of gold jewelry is usually dense in weight. When you compare the weight of gold jewelry with a material of similar size, the gold jewelry should weigh more.

Value of 417 Gold

The value of 417 depends on some factors, such as its current condition, the current price of gold in the market, and other factors. The price of gold is also affected by the economy and politics.

However, the most important factor that determines the value of gold is the percentage of gold content in it. To get the scrap value of the 417 gold, you need to multiply 41.7 by the weight of the item.

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Advantages of 417 Marked Gold

The 417 gold is not as pure as the 750 or 585 gold. Nevertheless, it has its unique advantages. Here is a list of some of the advantages of 417 gold.


When you are trying to look good on a small budget, the 417 marked gold is a good option. It is affordable when you compare its price to that of jewelry of a higher gold percentage.


417 gold has more alloy material content than gold, which makes it more durable than jewelry with a higher percentage of gold content.

Disadvantages of 417 Gold

The 417 gold also has its drawbacks. Highlighted below are some of the disadvantages of 417 gold.


The 417 gold has less percentage of gold content in it, which makes it less valuable when you compare it with jewelry that contains a higher percentage of gold.


Gold jewelry is normally attractive but 417 gold looks relatively unattractive when you compare it with purer gold.

Skin sensitive

If you have sensitive skin or a history of skin conditions, the 417 gold is not a good option because the added materials in it could aggravate your conditions.


The 417 gold won’t shine the way other purer gold will shine, but it is more durable and affordable. If you intend to wear gold jewelry daily, the 417 gold is a great option.

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